Karen De Gregorio ​@transformational lessons

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"I am a life-long learner and my curiosity is fierce."

                           -Karen De G

"Nadie educa a nadie-nadie se educa a sí mismo- los hombres se educan entre si con la mediación del mundo.

                                             - Paulo Freire

"To perform every action artfully is yoga."
                  -Swami Kripalu

"So much of my growth as not only a Spanish student, but as a person in general, is because of the experiences I have had in your class."​​
                                                                        -High School Student

Travel opens our minds and hearts 
I have been to ten Spanish-speaking countries! 
I hope to visit every one of them and to bring others along with me!  I have led student trips to Peru, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Spain and Italy and plan to return to Cuba with students in June, 2018!

Join me on my next adventure to CUBA 

2018 Cuba trip has been canceled. Stay tuned for more updates. 
Join us!

​​​"Profe, you were right! Not long ago I returned from my community service trip in Costa Rica. I felt completely at home and never felt as welcome and embraced by a culture and especially people. I definitely see myself living there in the future."
                                                                                                                                       -High School Senior